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Kristi Wright, PsyD

About me

I was born in Nashville, Tennessee but moved after a few years to the eastern coast of Florida where I spend most of my childhood years. I grew up in a small, beachy town and have many fond memories of the sun and ocean air. I attended undergraduate at Florida Christian College in Orlando, where I majored in both counseling and Bible. In 2005 I moved from Florida to Illinois to pursue graduate work at Wheaton 

College. Throughout my time at Wheaton I sought a broad variety of clinical experiences including working with college-age students at a college counseling center, providing psychological assessments for adults, adolescents, and children, as well as adult, family, and couples therapy within a pastoral care setting. My pre-doctoral internship training took place at Meier Clinics where I had the opportunity to work with their partial hospital program and outpatient clinic. My dissertation focused on the changing roles of contemporary fathers and the factors that help men to father well. At Signature, I work as a therapist, provide disability screening for the State of Illinois, as well as psychological testing for a range of issues such as ADHD, mood disorders, or learning disorders.

Counseling Style

My counseling style can best be described as integrative, meaning I draw from several theoretical backgrounds as well as empirically validated treatments. I have been most influenced by contemporary psychodynamic theories, specifically relational and self-psychologies. I believe that people often seek help due to difficulties in their relationships and it is through a safe and authentic therapeutic relationship that many unhelpful patterns can be reworked for the better.


I enjoy working with adults in individual therapy on issues such as depression and anxiety, as well as couples in marital and pre-marital therapy. One area that I have special passion for is that of women’s issues. I love working with women in helping them overcome insecurity and find their voice as well as heal from wounds in these areas.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy playing with my son, yoga, reading, drawing and painting, and listening to music.


I am a sucker for most decent sci-fi books. Some of my favorite include C.S. Lewis’ science fiction trilogy and of course the Harry Potter books. I also love a wide variety of music and my tastes usually change with my mood. Currently on my iPhone you’d find anything from soft jazz, to Taylor Swift, or U2. Some of my favorite TV shows include Fringe, House, Hell’s Kitchen, or Lie to Me. My favorite foods are pretty much any kind of dessert. I love strawberry shortcake and oatmeal chocolate chip and butterscotch chip cookies.